5 Ways to Create Content That Will Stick With Your Audience

Maybe you know that providing useful, informative content is vital to marketing your small business. But actually producing, delivering and promoting that content—week after week—can be challenging.

Just because you post an article or a video on your site doesn’t mean your potential customers will actually engage with your content or turn into loyal clients.

What if they don’t care about your topic?

What if they don’t feel connected to you or your company?

What if they never even find your content?

If your content actually resonates with potential customers, they’re much more likely to return to your site again and again, and eventually convert into paying customers.


Here are five ways to create content that will stick:

  1. Understand your audience. No brand can be all things to all people. If you try to develop general content that could apply to anybody, you’ll end up speaking to nobody. Take time to develop a description of your ideal customer, and create your content with that customer in mind.
  1. Promote your content. If your articles, blog posts and videos reside on your website but potential customers never go there, the effort is wasted. Your strategy should include plans for promoting each piece of content on your company’s social media pages, sometimes more than once, to drive traffic there.
  1. Make it personal. Your accountant may advise you against mixing personal and business expenses, but the same rule does not apply to content. As a business owner, you are an important part of your company’s brand—and using personal anecdotes, stories and references makes visitors feel like they know you. That personal connection may be what it takes to nudge a potential customer to do business with you.
  1. Engage with visitors. As you work to build a relationship with your audience, it’s also important to make sure communication is not just a one-way street. In addition to posting content, make sure you’re also responding to visitors’ comments on your site as well as social media sites.
  1. Measure results. If you create and publish content in a vacuum, you’ll never know what’s working. Get familiar with Google Analytics and other free tools that make it easy to keep up with your website traffic and how people are engaging with your content. For instance, URL Builder, a feature of Google Analytics, can show you which social media post generates certain results.

Creating content that provides value to your audience might be challenging but it isn’t impossible. Ad4! Group specializes in content creation to gain customers and keep them coming back. Contact us for more information!

Originally published on: May 13, 2016