Are You Content With Your Content?

So, you have your brand and are ready to line up customers and clients.

The website is up and running and a marketing strategy is ready for you. However, there is one more crucial element to help reel in the next business opportunity.


It’s the lifeblood of marketing. Or, rather, one definition of content refers to it as the “glue” that makes a website “sticky,” luring customers in and not letting them leave.

Wow. That sounds like a cross between a spider and the Hotel California. But that is what content is. You want the customer to come in and see what you’re about. You don’t want them to go elsewhere.

In fact, you want to convert them. That is, get them to be loyal customers/clients.

The great part about content, too, is it can take several forms. Content includes photographs, graphics, maps and, of course, words. It’s information and communication. Letting the customer learn about your company in a somewhat entertaining way.

Not entertaining as in entertainment. But entertaining as in communicating the information in a palatable way.

In the way you want your brand to leave a good taste, you want your content to taste good; easy to swallow and digest, so to speak.


When creating the content, here is something to chew on:

  1. Understand your audience. Study traffic and analytics. You need to know who you’re targeting.
  2. Have an “About Us” page on the website. Let the customer know what you’re about.
  3. Promote your content via social media. Link. Link. Link.
  4. Share personal stories.
  5. Check for errors and typos. Nothing turns off a prospective client more than typos – it creates a feeling of laziness and sloppiness.
  6. Create your own style. This is your company and your content.
  7. Include pictures. This is a visual society and art draws the eye.
  8. Interact with engagements. If customers have the time for you, you must have the time for them.

In closing, clear, concise content will create and convert customers.

And Ad!4 Group can show you how.