Building a Website with Your Customer In Mind

There’s an old saying: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

In today’s marketplace and society, we can modify that to “You can’t judge a business by its website.”

While that may be the case in some instances, people do judge businesses by their websites.

And, unfortunately, to a lot of business owners, web design is something placed on the back burner; it’s not a top priority.

“As long as we have our name ‘out there,’ that will be fine.”

Well, you can’t be “fine” today. And if your name is “out there,” it will get lost in all of the other businesses “out there.”

Web design is that important – especially in today’s technology-driven business environment.

We at Ad4! can build your website to stand out from the rest. Bells and whistles are needed, along with a little splash.


And the website will be aimed at your target audience – not to you or your company.

You may ask, “Why? If I like it and my board and staff like it, why can’t we go with it?”

Well, let’s put it this way. Say you like reading mysteries and thrillers, are you going to spend your time looking through the romance novel section of the bookstore for something to read, just because the covers are more appealing?

It’s the same way with websites. You may like the looks of the site but if it doesn’t appeal to your target clients/customer base, it won’t do you a whole lot of good.

Ad4! does the research and can design your website to ensure your target client/customer base doesn’t turn the page.

A vital element of any website – perhaps one that is a second thought in web design – is ease of navigation.

How many times have you gone to a site and, let’s say it’s attractive, you couldn’t figure out how to find the information you need?

Chances are you’ll X out and look for another site or business, just like anyone else would do.

Your time is money and you don’t need to be wasting it on a hard-to-navigate site and, conversely, your client/customer’s time is money and they don’t need to be wasting it, either.

Going back to the bookstore, if you’re looking for the latest mystery/thriller, you don’t want to have to search through the romance novel section to find it.

Let Ad4! handle the design of your website to attract clients/customers and allow them to find the maximum information they desire in a minimum amount of time.

We’ll take care of the research and market studies to let you get a good read on your target clients/customers. We’ll take care of the bells and whistles to give your site a cover that you can judge a business on.

And it won’t be a mystery.