Brand X: Don’t get lost in the crowd

Branding has become the foremost way companies distinguish themselves. In fact, it is not limited to companies. People – such as actors and athletes – concern themselves with their “brand” to make sure their image and reputations are acceptable. Athletic … Read more →

10 Questions to Ask Before Branding

There are hundreds of questions that we ask when doing a brand development project. We ask questions of the brand owners. We ask questions of the employees. We ask questions of the brand’s customers and vendors. People get tired of … Read more →

Guerrilla Politics: A Brand Study

Long-time talk radio host Dale Jackson has launched a TV show, Guerrilla Politics. Co-staring political analyst, Dr. Waymon Burke from Calhoun Community College. The show format, loosely based on the ESPN Pardon the Interruption show, features lively discussion on topics … Read more →

4 Tips for Creating a Tagline

A tagline is a short description that is created to leave a lasting effect during a short encounter  and will summarize the overall benefits of a business. However, creating a memorable tagline can be challenging. Your tagline is supposed to communicate to your … Read more →

Brand Promise: What & Why

  Over the course of a brand audit, we’ll take a look at your current branding, which includes your Brand Promise, among other qualities.   First you might ask yourself, “What is a Brand Promise?”   A brand promise is an idea … Read more →