Get More People to Read Your Content

Get More People to Read Your Content

You work hard to create the right content that will best explain the importance of your business or product. But, there is a problem, no one is reading, no comments, no tweets, no sharing, nothing.

This makes you wonder if creating new content is worth all the work.

However, it might be as simple as writing less and styling your format so it is easy to read.

Line breaks are your friend: There are simpler ways to make your content more reader-friendly. Even more intricate content can be made much more readable with the introduction of white space.

Simply feature one idea per paragraph with only three or four sentences- keeping it short.


Using compelling subheads are beneficial: Try writing your headline and subheads first. While a strong headline is important attracting readers, it is the solid subheads that keep readers engaged. Make them captivating as well as informative, but remember that readers have a BS meter so do not overstate.

After your subheads are written, you should review them to see what readers will understand if that is the only part of your article that they read.

Bulleted lists make things simple: Readers would rather read bullets rather than paragraphs because they know that bullets are straight to the point and paragraphs can sometimes be too wordy.  They also give reader’s a visual break. Re-read this paragraph as a bulleted list:

  • Prefer Bullets
  • Straight to Point
  • Paragraphs are often too wordy
  • Visual Break


Behold the power of numbers: Just like bullets, you can grab your readers attention by numbering the main points.


Include links: Adding links back to your own content will get people on your site and reading more of your material.

Also, adding links to other sites let readers see that you have researched the topic. Effective content includes both to bring understanding to your readers and add value.


Strategically highlight content: bolding content can add emphasis. Just like you subheads and bullets, it allows your readers to scan through and pick out the most important information. But remember not to highlight everything- that would be counterproductive.

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