Measuring Email Campaign Effectiveness

Measuring Email Campaign Effectiveness

Every business focuses on ROI- not just their return on invested money, but invested time as well. In today’s Red Pencil Blog, we will be informing you about the different metrics used in measuring email campaign effectiveness and if you are receiving the ROI you desire.

Bounce Rate

When an email is sent, but cannot be delivered, that percentage is called a bounce rate. Now, there are two different types of bounces, hard and soft.

A soft bounce rate is a temporary problem such as a full inbox, or a problem with the recipient’s server.

A hard bounce is usually a result of a closed, invalid, or non-existing email. You should check these emails and make sure it is not a spelling error before deleting it from your email list.

Are you wondering why you can’t just leave those hard bounce email addresses on your list? Well, it is because internet service providers use bounce rates as a way of determining an email sender’s reputation so having a high hard bounce rate will give you the appearance of spam- definitely not good for your ROI.


Delivery Rate

The delivery rate is the percentage of emails that were delivered after subtracting hard and soft bounces from the gross emails sent. This type of metrics sets the stage for your email campaigns success or failure.

A delivery rate of 95% or higher is what you want to achieve. If your delivery rate is lower than that, you might have too many invalid addresses or if you notice one campaign is lower than others, you need to look at the subject line and content of the message. Some elements may have been flagged as spam.


Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The number of recipients that clicked on one or more links that were contained in the email message is known as a click-through rate.

Click-through rates indicate whether the message was compelling enough for the recipients to take action; however, click-through rates can vary by the type of message sent. For example, newsletters might have a higher CTR than a promotional message.


Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of recipients that click on a link and then complete the desired action, like filling out a lead generation form or buy a product.

This metric is the definitive measurement of an email campaign’s success. However, if you aren’t converting it might have nothing to do with your email campaign. It might be your landing page.

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