Be More Strategic in Your Thinking

Did you know that a staggering 90% of business executives spend less than one hour per month discussing strategy?

Even worse, studies show that more than 95% of a typical workforce doesn’t understand its company’s strategy.

Your business strategy is crucial.

Refining that strategy (and educating your employees) can help keep your company ahead of the curve and marketability, while building your brand identity.

Follow these simple steps to be more strategic in your thinking: 


Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute

  1. Identify a need or an opportunity. Always be aware of trends and/or areas that your company might be able to expand your business or service, build more into your unique selling proposition, and increase the value of your brand.
  2. Predict a likely outcome from addressing this need. Consider the reward and reasonable possibilities of fulfilling this need, and make a judgment call on how pursuing this goal will build your brand identity and, most importantly, lead to conversion.
  3. Decide a plan of action. Gather all research, data, and content, and present this plan to your mobilization team. Reallocate adequate resources and train your employees to ensure success.
  4. Execute your plan with the knowledge that you have fully identified a need, predicted a result,  decided on a plan, and you proceed to grow your company, externally AND internally by expanding your reach. You also re-group often to ensure return on your investment by keeping focus on your strategy, and implementing subtle changes in plan as the needs arise.

You learn to become more strategic in your thinking by being aware of areas externally where your company might be able to fill a particular niche, or address a gap in current service, and then acting on that strategy. 

You may also internally reevaluate the potential of your employees by engaging them in the strategic process, exposing previously hidden attributes, and encouraging your entire company to think strategically. 

Strategic thinking matters to the life of your business.

Nearly all the Fortune 500 Companies in the world use an independent consultant for advice on Strategic Planning, but fortunately, good Strategy means brains over brawn, so having the Ad4! Group as a team member can bring Conversion to your company’s strategy.

Contact Ad4! today for consultation and assistance with your company’s Strategy.

Originally published on: Apr 19, 2016

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