Strategies for Success in 2017

Strategies for Success in 2017

The following strategies are based on research created to assist with the success of small businesses in 2017. If you have questions, feel free to contact us and let Ad4! make 2017 your best year yet!



Mobile has overtaken desktop in usage and search over the past couple years. Because of this, there was a significant push in 2016 for small businesses to guarantee that their web pages were mobile friendly. The below are all mobile technologies that a small business should be applying to their content-based strategies:

  1. Mobile Apps
  2. Mobile Payment Services
  3. Mobile Only Apps


Email Marketing

Email marketing may not be a new trend, but it makes the list. It is still relevant since email marketing is one of the most ROI-positive strategies out there based on research. Email marketing is about providing audiences with relevant, invaluable and useful information. It is not designed for pushing sales pitches.


Video Content

Consumers prefer to receive content-based marketing messages to ad-based ones and it is easy to understand why.  When you consider that about 60% of consumers prefer to watch content versus reading it, then the power of video marketing becomes apparent. Therefore, audiences will be looking for more of it in 2017.


Expert Blogging

There is a difference between posting blog content and posting good content. Blog content for marketing has become popular. It is a way to get noticed on search engines thanks to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. In the journey to be seen, there are a lot of organizations becoming more concerned with their SEO than the actual quality of their content.


Now, consumers are realizing the difference between valuable blog content and not-so-important writing. If your content isn’t informative and stimulating to read, people aren’t going to stick around to read it. 2017 is the year that brands invest in bringing their digital content to the next level, which means hiring an “industry expert” to create higher quality blogs if you don’t have someone in-house.


Social Media

This trend is on the same page as blogging. Social Media is something that almost everyone is doing, but very rarely doing well. Even if you are creating high-quality content and regularly responding to comments, questions and complaints, you may be missing a lot of helpful information.


Social media platforms are an important supplier to big data because there are a lot of engagements on these services. Customers are basically handing you a road map to running your business better by providing a better customer experience. Therefore, you should be keenly listening and accumulating social media based data.


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