Focus Physiotherapy: A Brand Study

It’s not often that we open the curtain to reveal the Wizard. But as we focus on brand and brand development we thought it would be interesting and revealing to talk about how we get to the end. In other words, the process.

We’re going to pull back the curtain with one of our favorite clients, Focus Physiotherapy.

Like most things we do, research is at the heart of and the start of everything branding.

We started our branding project by looking at the physical therapy industry. We looked at trends, how companies in the physical therapy business do business. And most importantly, we looked at how the industry was changing and how that change would affect how business was done in the future.

The second phase was competition. We looked at the best and the worst of their competitors in cities from Birmingham to Nashville, Atlanta to Memphis. This exercise is always revealing. Some companies have found special niches, most operate around the mean, and a few have figured out some really cool ways of doing business that the industry hasn’t noticed.

The third phase was the surveys. Talk about revealing. Depending on the type of business dictates who we can interview. If we have our choice, we talk to employees, vendors, and clients. Within each category, we like to speak with folks who are new and those that have been around forever. We ask lots of questions and then try to get out of the way and let people talk. It’s usually in this survey process that an organization’s brand promise is developed. It’s revealed in the interviews. And if your market doesn’t jive with your brand promise, then you don’t have a brand promise.


In the case of Focus Physiotherapy, we were asked to propose a company name as well as develop a brand. Some of the early leaders were:

·        Impact Therapy Specialists

·        Zecher Group Therapy Specialists

·        Focus Therapy


In the end, our Wizard, Karen Kilpatrick, developed 10 different brand logos and several iterations of each. The nine brand logos that didn’t make the final selection are shown below.



The final name and brand logo changed from ‘therapy’ to “physiotherapy’. And the final logo chosen by the client was:




If you’d like some help developing your brand and telling the world, why not give us a call.



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Originally posted on Feb 9, 2016

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