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Do it Yourself Video

Hi guys!  Many of you may be asked to shoot video while you are working from home. Maybe it is for your company’s social media marketing… or maybe it is part of your job but you normally have a camera-person. If … Read more →

Mobile-Friendly Marketing

On April 21, 2015, Google rolled out Mobilegeddon; yet more changes to its search algorithm aimed at mobile device searches. They never tell us exactly what they do or did, but in this case, they actually disclose that mobile search, … Read more →

A Formula for Generational Marketing

This segment of “5 Minutes with Felica,” is one of CEO and Founder of Ad4! Group, Felica Sparks,’ favorite topics: Generational Marketing.  She has clear-cut convictions that come from years of studying trends, relying on strategic plans and successfully creating … Read more →

5 Truths About Your Brand

Effective marketing campaigns are more closely tied to your brand culture than you’d like to admit. As a Branding Agency in Huntsville, Alabama, we help businesses build a bridge of understanding between the two. I know, this isn’t what you … Read more →

Why Bother With Branding?

Researchers suggest that we are exposed to a million or more brands each year. We are exposed to brands and ads everywhere we look. In fact, I just counted 68 different brands visible on things sitting on my desk, not … Read more →

Marketing For Manufacturers

Many manufacturers that we work with are confused about marketing their products. And while we recognize that we do this for a living, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Marketing for manufacturers is exactly the same as marketing … Read more →