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5 Truths About Your Brand

Effective marketing campaigns are more closely tied to your brand culture than you’d like to admit. I know, this isn’t what you wanted to hear. But, the fact is that customers and markets are fickle and your brand culture is … Read more →

Why Bother With Branding?

Researchers suggest that we are exposed to a million or more brands each year. We are exposed to brands and ads everywhere we look. In fact, I just counted 68 different brands visible on things sitting on my desk, not … Read more →

Marketing For Manufacturers

Many manufacturers that we work with are confused about marketing their products. And while we recognize that we do this for a living, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Marketing for manufacturers is exactly the same as marketing … Read more →

Media Buying With Felica Sparks

Felica Sparks, founder and owner of Ad4! Group, among other things, is an expert media buyer. She has placed television, radio, billboards and other types of advertising for local and international businesses over the years. Because she’s such a straight shooter, no-nonsense … Read more →

Why Community Branding is Important

Branding tells a story. It tells your story. In this case, the ‘you’ is a city, county, town, or economic development area; a community. But why does a community need to brand itself? Prospective employers and site selectors are trying … Read more →

The Ad4! Logo History

Although the brand promise of Ad4! Group has always been the same, Ad4! has enjoyed over 10 years of evolution of the Ad4! logo in the Huntsville, Alabama market.  Enjoy the following history of symbols that have represented and sustained … Read more →