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The Ad4! Logo History

Although the brand promise of Ad4! Group has always been the same, Ad4! has enjoyed over 10 years of evolution of the Ad4! logo in the Huntsville, Alabama market.  Enjoy the following history of symbols that have represented and sustained … Read more →

What You Want for Christmas

We had some fun with the Coach Christmas commercial last week. Now for one that’s a little more serious. SPOILER ALERT:  GET YOUR TISSUE READY We see all kinds of commercials during the holiday season. Everything from big production numbers … Read more →

Rebranding Your Business

Sure, the rebranding process probably sounds a little outrageous to any entrepreneur. I mean, who has time to try to isolate the perfect shade of “firetruck red” or choose between an octagon and a hexagon, right? But branding isn’t just … Read more →

Is your brand working?

Is your brand working for you? Business owners are generally reluctant to change or update their brand, and rightfully so. But is your brand a good reflection of your company vision? Maybe the better question is do you know what … Read more →

Can you keep a secret?

Ad4! knows branding. I frequently speak to groups about branding and how to use brand culture to drive business improvement. Last March, I spoke at the Industry Week Roundtable in the Rockies event in Vail, Colorado. The event is designed … Read more →