Our Team Knows Videos are Critically Important for Social Media

Social media is over-run with content. From text to images, everyone is trying to compete for the same viewers, but nothing competes quite as well as video does! With the use of sound and imagery we can help you show your client, customers, and the community as a whole who you are! 

Videos are critical when it comes to almost all areas of marketing but they are especially important to social media.  Our team is made up of professionals with more than a decade of experience working in all areas of video production. When we launch a project we immediately get started with developing your creative direction and concept development. If you don’t know exactly what you want the video to be, we will help you figure it out! And if you, we help you bring that vision to life!

At Ad4! Group We Specialize in

Creative Direction and Concept Development

Video Production

Post- Production (Editing)

On-Camera Training

Videos Help Take Your Social Media to the Next Level!

Having informative and engaging videos accompanying your social media posts  will mean that you will automatically get more love from Facebook. This means you are more likely to show up on someone’s timeline! That’s why at Ad4! Group we always recommend having videos on your homepage and social media accounts. The more the better!


Today’s consumers are bombarded with content from every direction! How do you stand out in the crowd amongst all the “talking head videos” and blogs? With animation!

We know that social media platforms are bombarded with video content right now and it can be really hard to carve out a place for your brand, that’s why we recommend using animation when appropriate! It stands out! Our animator will work with you to develop a clear vision for this animation and then you sit back and watch it come to life!

Feel Free to visit our YouTube page to view some of our video and animation work today!