Tagline Development

At Ad4! Group we know that your Tagline Sums up your Brand

At Ad4! Group we help you Communicate your brand to your target customers using strategic messages and visuals that work and your tagline is a critical part of the overall marketing strategy.

Your Brand Identity and Brand Promise are summed up in your tagline. Oftentimes the tagline will be the main thing that consumers remember after watching a commercial or seeing an ad.

We are willing to bet you remember the line “You’re in Good Hands” even if you do not remember which insurance agency uses that tagline. Hint- it’s All State. Or how about “Nationwide is on your side.” You might have even sang that as you were reading it! That’s because those taglines have become part of who these companies are, or part of their Brand Identity.

At Ad4! Group we start with the internal and external brand audits when we begin the rebranding process. These surveys help us determine what your employees think the company represents, and what your clients think the company represents. We then combine this information and apply our years of experience to come up with strategic recommendations for taglines.

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