Focus Group

Consumer Testing & Survey

Ad4! Group's Recommendations are Based on Research and Experience

At Ad4! Group we know that hiring a marketing agency is a big decision and you want to know that you are getting the best advice and recommendations possible. That is why base all of our strategic recommendations on extensive research and years of experience.

Our goal is to deliver excellence and a true Return on Investment for every client. We help create brand evangelists, elevate brand awareness, and help you grow as a brand so that you exist in a market that knows your name. To accomplish this, we begin our projects with Focus Groups or Internal and External Brand Audits/ Surveys to identify areas of Strength and Weakness as well as any words or feelings that your clients associate with your brand.

Our Team has a Tried and True Process

At Ad4! Group we begin our Branding process with Phase 1. This is brand audit/ Survey or Focus Group used to evaluate the current effectiveness of your brand as it exists today. After we review the results of the brand audit, we send you a full report that includes the results of the survey and our suggestions. We then get to work developing a strategy that will accomplish your goals.

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