Event Planning

The Team at Ad4! Group Knows that Events Matter

At Ad4! Group we know that for businesses, the events you host have a serious effect on your bottom line. Whether it is an anniversary celebration, a grand opening, or a holiday celebration we can help you ensure that your event not only benefits you financially but also helps to elevate your brand awareness in the community. Why throw a huge holiday celebration and sale in your retail store if no-one knows about it? Why host an open house for your non-profit if potential sponsors don’t know when it is? Ad4! Group has the contacts in the community and the know-how to ensure the right people know about your event, and they show up!

And we know design! Our years of experience have garnered us “know-how” when it comes to planning and designing the events. From the food and decorations to the entertainment and invitations let us help take your event to the next level! We focus on ROI!

Ad4! Group Can Help You

Conceptualize and plan events
Design the event space
Design invitation or advertisements
Invite the right people
Work the event to ensure it is a success

We Know Internal Communication Can Make or Break a Business

Communicating with your employees effectively is critical. Although this may be a simple process for small business, it can become increasingly complicated as the size of your business grows. We have extensive experience working with Human Resources Departments and other leaders to:

  • Craft informative company emails
  • Plan engaging training sessions with good copy and interesting images 
  • Host interesting company events
  • And more