Digital Content

Ad4! Group Knows Content is King

We know that in today’s world, you can be putting out a lot of information but if it is not informative, engaging, and smart  then no one will see it, and if they do they might not pay attention to it. That is why we focus on smart content for all of our projects including:

  • Website copy
  • Email marketing copy
  • Collateral
  • Script writing for videos
  • Digital ads and more

But what does that mean? It means we use words that are purposeful, engaging, and crisp. We work hard to find the right copy to get your message across in the quickest, yet most informative, way!

On Social Media, it's Not What You Say But How You Say it

Smart content has never mattered more than it does on social media. You know how it goes…you are scrolling social media and you don’t even really see half of the content that scrolls by. That’s because it didn’t catch your eye. We know that now more than ever a well-written and informative Facebook post can only get you so far. It must be accompanied by a nice photograph, or even better, a video!