Content Strategy 101: Everything Has a Purpose

Most business owners don’t do anything for no reason; in fact, to be successful, every step you take or decision you make should have a purpose and should help you achieve a bigger goal. You hire specific employees to complete tasks or contribute knowledge. You rent or designate an affordable, ample space to do work or to allow customers to visit. You buy the appropriate cleaning supplies to keep your space tidy and the supplies and tools that are necessary to create or maintain the products and services you offer. You don’t buy things or hire people or do something “just because.” 

So why would you churn out a few videos, post random images on social media every so often, or have your high-school-age nephew slap some words up on your website “just because?” Because your competitors are doing it? Because someone told you it was a good idea?

Just like every other aspect of your business, the words, images, and videos you create and share should have a purpose — a strategy, if you will — and that strategy should support your business’ goals and objectives. 

Let’s say, for example, that you’ve just launched your business or opened a location in a new neighborhood. Your initial content strategy is probably going to be creating brand awareness, so your content should be optimized so people can find you online, and, if applicable, in person. When you write, use terms that people are searching for, and focus on what you offer and how your products or services will solve their problems. Choose images and videos that help to tell your story — whether that’s a photo of your team or your products, or a virtual walk through your showroom, or a blog about why you created your company in the first place. You want people to get to know you, your team, and what you do by building trust and familiarity.

Time and place are also important. You’ll want to put your content where your target audience will be, whether that’s TikTok and Instagram or LinkedIn and a Chamber of Commerce newsletter. You’ll also need to post when those folks will see your work — whether that’s 8 a.m. as they read their morning emails at their desk or 11 p.m. while they’re scrolling through posts at the club. Whenever or wherever you post, be sure to do so consistently. Repetition will not only keep your business top of mind as you appear more and more frequently in the social feeds of your target demographic – it will also keep them engaged.

Understanding your audience is key to any business strategy, including the content you create and share. Knowing what your current and potential customers like, believe, and value and how they live, work, and play — and then incorporating all of that into your brand’s content — will not only attract them to you, but it will help you retain them, as they feel understood and valued.

An organized, targeted, and thoughtful content strategy maximizes the impact of your efforts. By planning what you’re going to post, write, or video well ahead of time, you can create content that aligns with seasonal trends, industry events, or product launches, ensuring that your content remains relevant and timely.In essence, a content strategy is the backbone of a successful online presence. It’s not just about creating content for the sake of it … or “just because.” It’s about creating meaningful, purposeful content that resonates with your audience, drives results, and contributes to the growth of your brand. So, if you’re looking to make an impact in the digital realm, a well-crafted content strategy is your guiding light.