Is There Still Value in a Humanized Approach to Public Relations?

Authenticity. Transparency. Integrity.

These terms are tossed around a lot lately, especially in the world of public relations and marketing. At the same time, photos are being edited to ridiculous lengths and blogs and posts are being churned out in mere seconds with just a few commands. Digital tools are making it almost impossible to determine what’s real — or authentic — and what’s not.

While we as marketers, designers, and content creators recognize the timesaving value of artificial intelligence, we have to remember that it’s still artificial. It’s not exactly authentic, and if we aren’t transparent about our use of it, we’re not exactly demonstrating integrity. Right?

At Ad4! Group, we believe in maintaining a humanized approach to everything we do — by tapping the talents of the real, live humans on our team to showcase our clients’ virtues in the most authentic, transparent, and human way possible. Humanized approaches to marketing and public relations are crucial for building trust and truly authentic connections.

Here’s how Ad4! Group maintains a human-first approach to creating content and building brands in the age of AI — and why we think it’s important.

We pair digital and data with interpersonal dynamics

We have no doubt that at the rate technology is developing, computers will eventually learn how to demonstrate human-like emotions. Even so, they’ll never be truly human. Computers won’t know how it feels to sign the papers on their first business loan, open the door to their very own storefront, or receive the biggest order in their company’s history. They won’t know true excitement, trepidation, pride, or exhilaration.

What computers can help us do, though, is find potential customers, distribute content, and ensure consistent, reliable communication. It’s up to our Ad4! team to create messages and kick off interactions that incite human emotions and spark real conversations. 

We tell real stories

Do you love reminding your friend or coworker about how you met? Do you remember all those stories your parents shared about their childhoods? Maybe you love telling others about your first goof-up as a business owner. 

Humans love stories. Our brains are actually wired to create them, and most of us love both hearing and telling them. Narratives, whether they’re real recollections or dreamed-up scenarios, resonate with humans on a personal level, reminding us of our own real experiences and emotions. The Ad4! team has shared real stories with one another and with our clients for two decades because we’re authentic, relatable, and, best of all, human.

We’re authentic and transparent

There are those buzzwords again: Authenticity and transparency. To us, though, they’re not new terms we’ve adopted to fit in with the cool kids. They’re values we’ve always displayed. We don’t ever try to hide behind technology, create one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter content, or disguise our real personalities, thoughts, or flaws. Ethics, values, and principles are extremely important to us.

Our team has always followed the lead of Ad4! Group’s founder and leader, Felica Sparks, you know this is true. Felica is the epitome of honesty and integrity, and she’s not afraid to tell you when something isn’t working, adapt or tweak a strategy with agility, and offer an alternative that will be more effective. She listens to our clients’ feedback, encourages two-way communication, and values strong, real, human relationships. And we love that about her.

In this age of artificial intelligence It’s more important than ever to be human, while still understanding and embracing all that technology can do to make our lives easier and our efforts more effective. If you’d like to find out more about what makes us tick — and how we can leverage our humanized approach to help your business excel, reach out to us today. We’d love to meet you!