Is Social Media leaving you feeling cheated?

Many people are starting to understand a few things about social media that maybe they feared from the very beginning. Like, just setting up a Facebook account isn’t going to drive massive amounts of business into your store.

We often hear social media thrown about as a panacea for all sales and marketing problems. But just like in the real world, if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.

“But they are doing it!” I can hear you screaming at me. Yeah, but they aren’t doing it right. And in many cases, doing it wrong is worse than not doing it at all.

For most businesses, Facebook isn’t, in and of itself, the solution to your problems. It’s just one piece of a social media strategy, and it’s no different really than any other marketing strategy; if you want to be effective, you must start with research.

If you’ve been paying attention the past few years, hopefully you understand that all marketing strategy begins with research. You have to understand your market, your target audience, and the trends that drive their preferences and attitudes. And you have to understand all this before you post your first update.

I know, you feel cheated.

So what do you do now? Of course, the easy thing to do would be to call Ad4! to create and manage your social media strategy. But if you’re determined to do it yourself, keep listening, reading, watching, and learning.

Everything about marketing is changing. One of the biggest changes is the preferences of baby boomers v. millennials. Boomers have ruled the business world for some time now. However, over the next 5-10 years, we remaining boomers will give way to the millennials who make decisions and run businesses and live their lives much differently. And that’s nearly as big a change as the Mountain View Search has wrought. Who knew fun animals like penguins, pandas, and hummingbirds would change the way marketing is done? In an effort to improve the value of searches, the animals now require that you do business the way that millennials want to do business: fast, to the point, and on the phone.

If you don’t really understand that last paragraph, you’d better stick with us here at The Red Pencil Blog. If you hang with us, not only will we show you the basics of creating a marketing strategy for your business, you’ll also get some secret sauce to go on top.

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