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Compass Homes – The Right Direction

Turning your dream home into a reality requires five things:

  1. The right location
  2. The right price
  3. The best quality
  4. The best design
  5. The right custom home builder

Trust your dream to Compass Homes.

Once you’ve purchased the land in your ideal area, Compass Homes works with you, discussing all the implications and possibilities for your new house. Let us build a home on your land that fits all your specifications. Compass Homes understands that building a home is a process, and during that process, ideas are subject to change. Rather than developing cookie-cutter neighborhoods, we work closely with you to create your perfect house. We monitor progress, relay information, and check back with our clients periodically throughout the construction of your home to make sure everyone has the same vision in mind. More than that, we want you to be involved in each decision, giving you the power to define every element of the design. Our attention to detail allows us to execute your ideas. If you have big home plans and you’re ready to build on your land, contact Compass Homes.

Located in Huntsville, AL, we are a leading custom home builder for pre-existing privately owned properties in the Madison, Jackson, Marshall, Morgan, and Limestone counties of Alabama, as well as Giles and Lincoln counties in Tennessee.

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Compass Homes