4 Tips for Encouraging Online Reviews and Ratings

4 Tips for Encouraging Online Reviews and Ratings

In last week’s blog we talked about 4 tips to help small businesses and startups compete with the big companies. One of those tips was getting online reviews and in this blog we will give you some tips on how to encourage those reviews. Check it out!


If you have ever used Yelp, you know that online reviews and ratings are major factor in driving new business your way. The more reviews, the more dependable your business looks.


There are so many small businesses that are not doing everything they can to encourage online reviews and ratings. Therefore, they get passed over for businesses with more feedback.


So that leaves the question- how can you encourage customers to leave online reviews and ratings?

1.) Signage

– have a sign is your office, store, or restaurant as a subtle way to remind customer to give a review

keep it simple! Yelp has a downloadable banner that says “Find us on Yelp” for your window or counter.


2.) Reminders

– you can add reminders to receipts and checks that suggest to review.

keep it simple! A basic reminder and list of sites you want to be reviewed on will help them know where to go- especially if you need more reviews on other sites.

– if you are an eCommerce company, you can send a follow-up email to ensure the customers satisfaction and mention leaving a review to encourage them to share their experience.


3.) Icons

– use icons for the review site or sites you wish to be reviewed on.

– if you have a large number of reviews on social sites and need more on Google, you can use the icon to steer customers in that direction.

– place the icon on your collateral and on your website.

4.) Keep it Simple!

– people are more inclined to give an online review or rating if it is not an inconvenience.

– if you have “Share Your Experience on Google” make sure it is clickable so customers can do it in minutes.


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