Brand X: Don’t get lost in the crowd

Branding has become the foremost way companies distinguish themselves.

In fact, it is not limited to companies.

People – such as actors and athletes – concern themselves with their “brand” to make sure their image and reputations are acceptable.

Athletic teams at the professional and, even, college levels ensure their “brands” are unique and go to great means to protect them.

That is why a successful brand is of the utmost importance to a business.

However, just having a brand and a good reputation are not necessarily guarantees of success. You have to know about placement and target your audience.


To that end, Ad4! Group offers a “branding strategy” for marketing and advertising.

Creating that strategy is something that Ad4! Group has been doing for years. Though the term “branding” may have taken a widespread connotation recently, Ad4! Group has been on the forefront.

The brand is, in essence, more than the proverbial “first impression.” A brand is the taste that is left in the mouth of a client.

Think about it. What do you remember more: A visual or verbal image of someone or something or that bitter or sour taste left after meeting or seeing that someone or something?

Ad4! Group will make sure a good taste is left.

Here are a few ways Ad4! Group can help find the brand that tastes best to your clients.

  1. Focus group surveys. This is one of the most reliable and informative surveys available.
  2. Online consumer surveys. This is the digital age and we are working on laptops, tablets, I-pads and smartphones for hours on end.
  3. One on one interviews with your company’s key stakeholders. Give the important people direct involvement with deciding on how their company will be seen.
  4. Demographic research. Do you want the Millennials? The Boomers? Generation X? What factors determine how your brand is perceived by the various generations.

There are other ways Ad4! Group can help, as well. But, once the research is completed, a strategy will be formed and delivered.

You can be assured the brand will be clearly defined with a promise – what the brand stands for; a positioning statement, also known as an elevator speech – a short, concise statement about your company to someone who knows little about you; and a unique selling proposition extolling reasons why clients/customers should choose your company.

When you come to Ad4! Group, we’ll provide you with the best strategy and information to make your brand stand out from all the others.

Next from Bud McLaughlin will be a piece on crafting incredible content that converts.

Originally published on: May 3, 2016