More Effective Media Buying: Part 3

The final part of more effective media buying consists of 3 steps.

Step One: Situation Analysis.

  • Who/what is your competition?
  • How do their products compare to yours?
  • What makes your accounts and services stand out?
  • Who is your target market?
  • Where can you reach your target market?


Step Two: Advertising Analysis

  • What results do you expect from your advertising efforts?
  • What is your budget for the campaign?
  • Do your ads clearly explain the main product benefits?
  • Is the pricing clear, and does it meet regulations?
  • Is your staff aware of the campaign?


Step Three: Evaluating Media Pros and Cons.

An overview of the unique qualities of each advertising medium follows:

Medium                                     Pros                                                                      Cons



Fairly Flexible scheduling

Provides means to give detailed info


Cluttered environment

Doesn’t always allow specific placement

Not always completely read




Can target audience

Allows for multiple, daily messages

Relatively inexpensive


Short message capability

Isn’t tangible

Can’t deliver complicated messages well


Television (Broadcast)


Delivers to an extensive audience

Good visual- and audio- impact

Can demonstrate product


Very expensive

Allows commercial zapping by remote

Does not narrowly target audience


Television (Cable)


Typically costs less than broadcast TV

Good visual and audio impact

Delivers to a more targeted audience


Doesn’t reach large audiences

Can’t give exact viewer numbers

Covers small geographic areas




Has impact due to size

Can be used to build frequency

Allows specific geographic targeting


Can’t give detailed message

No scheduling flexibility

Can be defaced


Direct Mail


Most highly targeted

Allows tangible, detailed message

Provides for direct response


Cluttered environment

Not always completely read



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